About John

Who I am

My name is John Swoboda. I’m a school teacher and a father to a 6 year old girl named Vivian. I’m one of five children, and while my father has passed, I still have my mother, who taught me a great deal about fighting for what I believe in. 


I believe in the value of every human life. I believe that the most important aspect of teaching is also the most important aspect of governing: every person counts. Regardless of income, age, race, gender, or background, you matter, and you are worth fighting for. 

I’m running for congress because I believe that I have the ability to serve the people of Oklahoma and the United States with honor, integrity, and empathy. I’m running because I know that I can do the hard work that is necessary to ensure that every Oklahoman has the ability to live the life they want

to live; free from the fear of getting sick and losing everything; free from the fear of going to prison because of marijuana; free from the fear of student loan debt. 

I want to do for Oklahoma what Oklahoma has done for me: provide for a life well lived. To protect Oklahomans from the worst life has to offer, and to offer a hand up when you fall down.