Educational Justice

Right now we have equality: equal access to public education. However, we don't have equity. We have wildly different education outcomes based on where you live. We need to achieve equity and seek justice.

In the Classroom
Protest March Signs

Racial Justice

We still have a lot of work to do. When we say "Black Lives Matter!" we want to hear "Yes, yes they do." That would be a good start. To move through equity toward justice will be difficult, but rewarding. 



The nation has changed, and Cannabis is getting the respect it deserves. However, we won't have justice without expunging the records of those convicted for Cannabis offences. Too many black and brown people are still serving sentences for Cannabis while others are running successful businesses. That is not just.

Taking Samples


I support Medicare for all. Medicare already has a successful infrastructure that we can expand on to achieve healthcare for every American. Lowered costs to the citizen, better health outcomes for all, these things are possible.