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Hardworking Oklahomans Deserve Better Than Hern

John Swoboda is a working people’s David taking on corporate Goliaths

Tulsa, OK: John Swoboda is no stranger to hard work. Every day he works to help Oklahomans living in the first congressional district improve their career prospects. As a vocational educator he helps people successfully navigate a world that tries to exploit their hard work so a few people at the top can become millionaires.

“I believe in the value of every human life,” says Swoboda who is running to unseat Kevin Hern in OK-1. “When people are treated with respect and paid fairly, they are better able to help themselves, their families, and their community. Dignity for workers is something worth fighting for.”

Yesterday Kevin Hern said the American Dream means you “work until you’re not here anymore.” Swoboda thinks that attitude shows just how out of touch Hern is with the dreams of the average Oklahoman.

“Growing up we were taught to work hard in school, get a degree, and then we would be able to get a good job that would allow us to have a comfortable home, a car we could afford to fix if it broke down, afford for our kids to take dance lessons or play sports, and even go on the occasional vacation before retiring in our golden years, “ Swoboda explains.

“Now we have millionaires in congress who want to replace jobs with machines and pay adults with families the same wage high school kids were making 20 years ago. Not only that but Hern wants us to do it until we die and be happy about it. All the while he lives a lifestyle most of the people you and I know, can only dream about. Oklahoma doesn’t need corporate Goliaths like Hern to spit in our faces and tell us it’s raining. We need someone who will work for working people, that’s why I’m running… to send him to an early retirement.”


About Swoboda for Congress: John Swoboda is a father and vocational teacher running for Congress to fight for the working people of Oklahoma. Learn more about him at

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